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Sabina Markova
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Hello, my name is Sabina and I am an economist by education and an optimist by vocation. When I was little I wanted to become a doctor, but fortunately or not, I did not go in that direction. As a typical graduate of a German high school, I am a man of principle and honor. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. My friends call me "Mother Bee" because I am always worried about others. I am a good and patient listener and a person who has always loved and understood children. I decided to become a Child Sleep Consultant because the work brings together some of the most interesting topics for me - child psychology, child health and communication with people. I believe that together we can find the right and personalized approach to restore peace in your family, just trust us 🧡.

Maria Alexandrova
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

I am Maria - born in the last century 🦕, daughter of an engineer and midwife. I don't know if that matters, but it's a fact that things aren't in order for me. I was born on February 29, a fan of analog things and humor, a leftist, physicist by education, traveler, gardener and lover of Bulgarian folklore. I find motivation and meaning in complex and challenging things. I know that in order to be really good in this field, you actually need to have nothing but analytical sense and logic, to be able to listen to the other side and to have professional enthusiasm to find the most appropriate working strategy for the particular child.  I am a man of exact sciences and I strongly believe that every equation and every problem has its solution. And I will prove it to you 🙂. 

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Galya Hranova

Certified Montessori assistant 3-6 years

Hello! 😊 Educational engineer, digital marketer by profession, but… According to my personality type, I am a person who is committed to social causes and caring for others. In addition to the care given to me by the zodiac sign (secret Cancer 😉) we can say that this is my vocation. Montessori philosophy is the logical continuation of the eternally racing desire for a better world and more empathy. I am a Montessori enthusiast and I invite you to run together to the vast, complex, but also very valuable children's world! 


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